10 Famous And Easy Herbs To Grow Indoor During Winter

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The discussion below suggests the top ten popular herbs that can grow easily indoor despite of being light shortage in winter. Here, the question arises: how to grow herbs indoors and what are the best  medicinal herbs to grow indoors which we can also beneficially utilize for cooking or medicinal purposes.

Can You Grow Herbs Indoors: Six Simple Steps:

For successfully growing an indoor herb garden, you have to follow six simple steps as below:

1. Arrange for the provision of adequate light.

2. Make selection of good quality appropriate soil for growing herbs in pots.

3. Maintain watering schedule for your plants.

4. Maintain feeding cycle of your plants esp. after 10 days when you have sow them.

5. Give boosting vitamins to your plant which is the best way to grow herbs indoors.

6. Enjoy the product of your plants.

Following enlists the most recognized tips for growing herbs indoor and suggests you the most easy-way for  growing herbs inside your house near your kitchen window to bless your kitchen with a heavenly aroma.


For having great smelling superb diy indoor herb garden basil is the best and easy option to grow. In order to grow a basil plant in a good condition; you need to keep its pot towards a south facing window as it grows well by receiving maximum warmness from the sunlight.


Bay is the most suitable indoor herb which grows well in a container. It adds flavor to your culinary dishes and oil when infused for long period. Since it loves to stay in open space with lots of air; it is never suitable to grow a bay plant in a crowding position.


Chervil is a beautiful herb that grows well when planted during the days the summer season is departing. This is chiefly because of the reason that Chervil grows extremely well when it gets a temperature that ranges 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit on an average.


Chives are the pink flowered plants that add great beauty to your indoor herb garden. It should be careful while planting chives that it does not crowd with other plants in vicinity as it is weak in competing with other plants.


If you love Italian food like pizza and lasagna, you must be definitely in love with the most beautiful aromatic as well as flavored herb of oregano which can easily be planted indoor. Since this plant loves the warmness of the sun, therefore it is usually placed near south of the window.


Parsley is one of the most abundantly used herb for garnishing as it has bundles of digestive and well as mineral and vitamin benefits. Since it is extremely fond of sun, this plant grows well either eastward or westward.


A rosemary plant grows well even from a simple cutting received from its plants. It is widely used in cooking recipes and grows well in the southward window of your home where it gets the maximized sunlight.


By planting a tip cut from an outdoor sage plant, one can easily plant an indoor sage plant even in the dry winter season. However, since sage loves the sun strongly, therefore it’s always good to face this plant towards the south.


Tarragon will be the most faithful to-grow indoor plant which will survive even during the bitterly cold weather if fed with a good organic fertilizer in the fluid form. It can be grown by planting its dried leaves indoors and facing its pot towards the south for maximum sunlight.


Thyme is widely used in Italian dishes and can be easily grown indoors by either planting its soft tip roots or digging the seeds of the plant and facing it towards either the east or the west.

Source: theselfsufficientliving.com

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