12 DIY Pea Trellis Ideas For Your Garden

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Since vertical gardening is the ‘in thing’ in gardening these days, we must mention about using trellises or supports that are tools for growing vines and veggies like cucumbers, beans and sweet peas.

A trellis can come as a blessing for such gardens that are cramped up for space, and enable gardeners to grow their favorite vegetables such as peas. Peas are vines and can grow comfortably, provided you offer some kind of support. You can use various kinds of trellises for this purpose.

Today, we are going to throw some light on stunning DIY pea trellis ideas that are easy and affordable.

1. DIY pea trellis with chicken wire

You need to have a few wooden legs and some scrap chicken wire to make this easy DIY trellis. You can use untreated cedar or any other wood as per your wish. The width can be adjusted as per your requirement, and can be used for a long time. This chicken wire trellis is perfect for growing short beans and peas.

2. Homemade pea trellis with bamboo and twine

For this, you would require a spool of twine, some bamboo poles of varying lengths and some tools. Simply, place two bamboo poles of at least 5 or 6 inches on either side. Then, attach other two poles to create a frame. Now, tie the twine around the frame, and then tuck the pea plant tips to the twine. This will soon result in the tendrils of your pea vines to tangle nicely around the frame.

3. DIY pea trellis idea with repurposed bicycle

In the image, the wheel is used for offering the primary support at the base where the pea seedlings are planted. The wooden pole is erected at the center and holds the trellis. The vines of the pea plant will tangle around the twine attached with the wheel as and when they grow. This is a simple DIY project anyone can do at home.

4. DIY tree branch pea trellis

The above pea trellis is very simple to make, and will also prove to be much less costly than metal. This trellis offers a sturdy support to the growing vines and is made from branches of a tree. You can use any tree branches for this purpose. Just collect a few branches, trim these, and then form these into a trellis structure. Then, wrap the structure with twine or wire as you please.

5. DIY pea trellis idea with sleek twigs

Twigs and twine are used widely in most DIY pea trellis ideas. The reason being the affordability factor. You can gather varying kinds of branches, twigs and sticks for making a trellis for your garden without spending anything. Also, these lend a more natural look to your garden. The above trellises look very simple, and can be made by amateur gardeners as well. On a garden bed, stick two wooden twigs on either side, and then attach twine in the shape of an A on either sides of the base. Keep doing it till you get the whole, structure formed. The pea vines will tangle their tendrils around the twine and grow on these.

6. DIY pea trellis made of old pipes

The garden bed in the picture above has been utilized for growing vines and peas on PVC pipes. The pipes offer the main or primary base for the trellis while the attached twine is used for helping the vines tangle themselves for an upward growth.

7. DIY cedar and wire pea trellis

This is a strong trellis that will go on for years. The trellis is made of cedar stakes that are fixed in the ground in ‘A’ shape. Fencing wire is attached on the frame to help pea vines to grow on them. This trellis can be shortened further if you don’t need it to be so tall. You can also remove it when your pea harvesting is done, and place it somewhere else to grow other veggies like the cucumber. This 7 feet tall trellis is definitely a very good DIY idea for your pea plant.

8. DIY twin mattress frame used as peas trellis

Old and discarded things can also be used for making trellises, such as this innovative and stylish trellis made with an old twin mattress metal frame. The metal frame needs to be stripped from your old mattress, and then be used as it is for supporting vines like cucumbers, beans and peas. This structure provides enough space for the peas to climb upwards and grow to their fullest.

9. DIY blue wooden ladder peas trellis

Now, old and re-purposed ladders too can be put to use in your gardens. Peas and climbers do not need anything too exorbitant or unique for making a climb upwards. You can make use of anything to offer the vines good support. The ladder seen here offers your peas to tangle themselves properly and grow vertically. You can use any type of ladder for growing your pea vines.

10. DIY pea trellis made with an old window

Here is another very innovative homemade trellis for peas that looks not just stunning, but also helps you grow loads of vines and climbers together. The project involves the use of an old window that has been stripped of its glass and stapled with chicken wire. The trellis looks sturdy and offers a big space for your peas. You can get this project on ground at no time and at very little cost.

11. DIY pea trellis made with old baby crib rails

There are umpteen DIY pea trellis ideas to help you out when you are planning to make your own garden trellis. This trellis in the picture above has been made using wooden rails from an old baby crib. It is a simple project and is pretty economical too. The pea vines will grow nicely with the support of the wooden railings of the trellis.

12. DIY wooden pea trellis on a raised garden bed

Wooden trellises are very commonly used in gardens for growing tomatoes and vines like cucumbers, beans and peas. The trellis in the image is made using wooden stakes that are anchored on a raised garden bed. You can wrap a wire mesh on its frame or single wire strings for the pea vines to climb above.

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