7 Gardening Hacks That Will Help Keep Pests Away and Make Your Plants Grow Better


We’ve comprised a list of our favorite 7 gardening hacks that will not only save you time but transform your backyard into an oasis of greenery!

1. Potato Roses

Using the stems of roses, you can regrow a whole rosebush by simply placing them into potatoes before planting them in the ground. The potatoes help to keep the cutting moist and help stabilize the rosebush roots.

2. Epsom Salt Fertilizer

These coarse salts can help increase nutrient absorption, fortify seed germination, deter pests, improve soil moisture and grow better tasting fruits and veggies. Be sure you are using all natural and fragrant free epsom salts.

3. Mosquito Repellers

Lemonbalm, peppermint, lavender and rosemary are not just great additions to your afternoon tea, but planting them in your backyard will keep mosquito’s away and subsequently other pests.

4. Milk as Fertilizer

Believe it or not, plants need calcium just like we do and using milk as a fertilizer will help plants grow and also works as an effective and safe antifungal agent.

5. Eggshell and Coffee Grounds

Mixing your old eggshells and coffee grounds into your soil as compost will not only boost the nutrients in the ground, but can help prevent blossom rot.

6. Buy once, regrow forever veggies

You know how sometime your potatoes will sprout roots even just sitting in your cupboard? There is a long list of vegetables including green onions, carrots, sweet potato, leeks and garlic that can be re-planted and grown indefinitely from one origin.

7. Baking Soda Sweetener

That’s right, I said sweetener, but this one is all natural. Adding baking soda to your soil can help lower the acidity levels and produce some of the sweetest tomatoes you’ll ever taste.

Source: healthy-holistic-living.com

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