Method To Re-root Cut Roses and Make Them Grow More In Your Own House


Although it is true that natural flowers are the most beautiful, they have a small problem: they wither very soon. It is also true that in this case what matters is the intention, but if they last longer, it would be much better, right? In this way, we could use them to decorate the house for much longer.

In order to face this problem, several industries manufacture artificial roses. Unlike natural ones, they do not need any attention and they do not wither either. For this reason, they are very useful if we want to decorate a place permanently. But even artificial roses are not perfect, they also have their flaws.

The drawback is that they are often manufactured with materials such as plastic. For this reason, when we are a little closer to them, we notice that they are not real. Apart from mentioning it, they are not as beautiful as those produced by nature. So, if you are a little perfectionist in this case, perhaps artificial flowers are not your best option.

From there, it is worth asking: what can you do to get what you want, natural roses that stay alive? Probably the only option you can think of is to plant them in small pots and take them indoors. This could be a very timely solution, although it has its mishaps. Being a natural flower, you will need to water it and give it the sun.

Unless you can do these things, that method is not your convenience. Does this mean that you can not have natural flowers inside that last a long time? Obviously not.

There is a very easy method to make your already cut roses last much longer. To do this great trick, you will need materials that you already have in your own home. Pay attention to the following instructions and follow them to the letter.

What we will need:


-potato (1 unit).

-Bottle plastic (1 unit).

-Knife (1 unit).


First step: to start, take a knife and make a small hole in the potato right in the center. Notice that the hole is deep enough to hold the stem of the rose.

Second step: take the stem of the rose and introduce it into the hole you made to the potato.

Third step: Now you must fill a pot with earth and leave a small hole to put the potato with the stem embedded.

Fourth step: you only need to take a bottle just in half horizontally to remove the bottom. Then you must put it on the stem as shown in the image. You should leave the bottle on the stem for 7 days and water the pot daily.

Step 5: After a short time, you will begin to see how your stem springs. You just have to wait for the roses to be born naturally. In the end, you will get something similar to what is seen in the previous image.

In this easy way, you can get your natural roses last much longer lives. Is not it easy? Well, do not waste your time and prepare your roses in this way so they do not wilt. If you thought it was a useful article, share it on your social networks with all your friends.

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