This Simple Homemade Fertilizer Will Guarantee Your Flowers and Plants Fast Flowering and Lush Foliage!


The houseplants also need our care and attention. The fertilizer we will teach you to make today, will guarantee the greatest care for your indoor plants and flowers. Although they are not exposed to the climatic changes, we must not forget, that being in a pot, they are not in its natural habitat. That is why they need special care. Today we want to show you how to make homemade fertilizer.
See how to make homemade fertilizer yourself, to restore vitality to your plants, and accelerate their growth.

How to Make Homemade Fertilizer for Indoor Plants and Flowers

It is a very simple procedure, which will give you great results.

If you love gardening, you will enjoy making homemade fertilizer for your plants and flowers.

You will need:

-10 grams of pressed yeast
-A spoonful of sugar
-One liter of warm water


Step 1.Dissolve the yeast in the water, then add the sugar. Mix everything very well.
Step 2.Let the preparation sit for at least 2 hours.
Step 3.Dilute the solution in water. Uses a ratio of 1: 5.
Step 4.Water your indoor plants and flowers with this fertilizer, once a month, in autumn – winter, and 3 times a month in spring-summer.

Yeast contains numerous compounds, such as phytohormones, vitamins of group B and auxins, which stimulate cell development, and therefore also the growth of the plant.

In addition, yeast feeds and stimulates the activity of microorganisms of the earth, and also raises the carbon dioxide content, and of macro and microelements, which greatly benefits the development of plant roots.

Making homemade fertilizers will bring you many benefits. This fertilizer is the one used by crop professionals.

Start making homemade fertilizers yourself, and within a few months you will notice the drastic change in your flowers and indoor plants.

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