Tips to Grow Boxwood Plants in Your Yard


Boxwood shrubs are known as the oldest ornamentals man has planted. Boxwood is maintained by many homeowners all over the globe for making their garden and fence line look more fresh, attractive and vivid.

Some varieties have sweet smell which freshens the air around your house. If you want to bring the nature in your garden, then you should definitely incorporate Boxwood shrubs.

Boxwood Plants for Your Garden

Boxwood evergreen shrubs look great in formal elegant and informal landscapes. This dense shrub is grown for foliage or better said for their shaping abilities since it has insignificant flowers.

These cultivars and varieties allow you to create a balanced entryway, a matching border or a formal hedge.

The planting location of Boxwood shrubs is very important. For their optimum growth a part or full sun spot is needed. They also need well-drained soil!

Climate is also another important factor. If you live in an area where temperatures become extremely hot in summer, the shrub will appreciate afternoon shade and regular watering.


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